Rooted In Tradition

Paige and Jana both grew up in small town USA, where camping and the great outdoors were a regular family affair. Though they were raised in two separate areas of Georgia, unaware of each other, their lives were very much the same. Both “daddy’s girls” they share childhood memories of riding in the back of their fathers’ trucks, drinking bottled Coca-Cola with peanuts in it, and sitting around campfires listening to stories of yesteryear while making smores and laughing with family. Those were the good ole days that both Jana and Paige vowed to not let die with them. They both knew it was a tradition they would continue with their own children—and they did. They do.


When Paige and Jana met, they each had a son—both under the age of five. The boys were instantly best friends. The ladies started a business together and have continued business endeavors and life adventures for twenty years and counting. They have traveled the world together, stayed in the finest hotels, and enjoyed the sweet life.


As their families grew, so did the age of social media and technology. The ladies longed to be sure their kids knew the pleasures of simple outdoor excitement. They have always been sure to not stray from their roots in that regard.

While chatting on the phone one day, the ladies conversed about the kind of childhood in which they experienced, shared old stories, and rambled about how uncomfortable it is sleeping on the ground as an adult that they did not seem to notice as children. They laughed about how they missed simple luxuries when camping at the lake with their kids. At that point, yet another brainstorming episode took place between them as they plotted and planned their next business venture. The business of glamping.


Jana’s husband had hiked the Appalachian Trail, living in the woods for months—totally roughing it. They decided that while roughing it has its own appeal, it is not for everyone. They pondered on how many simple pleasures of life that people miss out on just because they don’t like to camp, or maybe don’t know how to camp. They decided glamping was the key to everyone’s enjoyment! And without hesitation they knew no one could create it better. Jana and Paige know these two things well—luxury and outdoors!


With the comforts of a hotel, what would stop parents and grandparents from making the kind of memories with their children that Paige and Jana cherish? Nothing! And so, Untamed Honey Glampsites bloomed. A name serving as an expression of the kindred spirit within, that binds them—wild and sweet.